The Perfect Peel™ and why you will hear me raving about it!

 I first heard of The Perfect Peel™ when other aesthetic practitioners began talking about it. Over the weeks more and more started to rave about the results their clients were seeing, some after just 1 peel. Intrigued, I thought OK, why not have a look at what all the fuss is about.

After reading through all the usual sales bumf, that one inevitably has to wade through, I finally came across the juicy bits: the ingredients and how they interact with each other to produce superior results.

One ingredient that caught my focus was, Glutathione, which can only be described as the mother of all antioxidants. An important antioxidant, we naturally produce glutathione in our bodies which protects against the signs of aging. However, from around the age of 30 our levels of glutathione start to diminish. When the The Perfect Peel™ is applied to the skin, glutathione penetrates cells and helps to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging. So far so good, but what else does it contain?

Other ingredients include kojic acid which will lighten, increase collagen and elastin in the skin. Trichloracetic acid, phenol and retinoic acid (retinol) which reduces wrinkles and corrects pigmentation while salicylic acid exfoliates and reduces inflammation. OK, so this peel sounds impressive on paper as it uses ingredients that will work together well and possibly produce results, but how does it perform in practical terms?

Well, turns out, really well. Let me explain. Most other medium to deep chemical peels require weeks of preparation through the use of glycolic and retinol products which have to be used morning and night to prepare the skin. However, there is no need for this preparation with The Perfect Peel, and, if convenient, can be applied immediately, perhaps on the day you have your consultation. The down time is minimal, you will peel, this usually occurs day 3 to 5 and so some people find that having The Perfect Peel on a Thursday is a convenient time, as the most aggressive part of the peeling process will take place over the weekend

Of course we need to be absolutely certain here at pHskin Cosmetic Clinic that treatments are evidence based and proven to be effective. Pointless having them really if they’re not! Results so far have been fantastic with clients thrilled at their new look rejuvenated skin. Clients are also happy as they have found that overall, the cost of having this peel can be more economical than having say, 3 – 4 superficial peels over a period of months just to get the same results.

And there’s more. The Perfect Peel is also suitable for all skin types, from fair to dark skin (Fitzpatrick 1 – 6) and included with the peel is a home care pack containing 2 retinol wipes, Vit C moisturising cream and post care instructions.

Impressive I know, and that's why you will hear me raving on about The Perfect Peel. It does do what it claims to do, that is to be, The Perfect Peel™.

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